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FLL Events Overview:

Each year there is a qualifying tournament series that leads from local qualifying tournaments to the Championship tournaments.  A tournament is an opportunity for teams to learn, showcase their accomplishments and celebrate their hard work throughout the season.  Even if your team does not feel 100% ready, we encourage all teams to participate in an FLL Qualifying Tournament.  Tournaments are a fantastic learniing opportunity for you and your team.  

Policies and Procedures for Qualifier and Championship Events in Illinois are described Here   

Qualifying Tournaments - Qualifying tournaments typically consist of 10 to 16 teams that compete in all categories for the ability to advance to the championship tournament.  25-33% of these teams go on to the championship tournament. These tournaments are held in November and December.

Championship Tournaments - Each Championship tournament will have 48 to 64 teams competing from specific qualifers in the state. The tournaments will be held in January or early February.  Details for the exact locations and dates for the tournaments will be coming soon.

National and International Competitions - Each year, there are several national and international competitions in which leading teams from Illinois participate:

World Festival - A showcase competition, held in the United States, for all FIRST-sponsored robotics competitions (FRC, FLL & FTC). For FLL, it features championship-winning teams from around the world. Because of space and funding limitations, not all USA states and championships, or foreign countries, are able to be represented, but it is an exciting world showcase for FLL and all of FIRST's robotics competitions.

Open Invitational Competitions - Championship teams from Illinois have the possibility of participating in competitions in the USA and around the world. Some USA-hosted competitions will be for USA-only teams, while others will additionally include international teams. Other competitions may be hosted internationally; these competitions have also typically included USA teams.