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Start an FRC Team

There is no typical or FIRST mandated team structure.  Other than meeting the requirement of assigning adults to the official team roles of Main, Alternate and/or Shipping Contact - you are free to structure your team as best suits you!  Most FRC teams are comprised of anywhere from 5 to 100+ students (there is no set minimum or maximum) and can be made up of one or more high schools, home-schools, or youth and/or community organizations(s).  More information about team structure is available in the “FRC Administrative Manual.”

You should have at least one professional engineering mentor, adult mentors, high school aged students, sponsorship, a meeting place, access to tools and free time during the build and competition season.  Specifics and a season overview are available in the “How to Start a Team (PDF)” and "Start an FRC Team (Resources)."

The official FRC season starts with team and event registration in the fall.  The new seasons kicks off on the first Saturday of January, marking the beginning of the six-week robot design and build period which ends on the Bag-and-Tag deadline in February.  Regional and District competition events start in late February, continue through early April, culminating at the FIRST World Championship event held in St. Louis in late April.  All FRC season deadlines, including award submissions, are detailed on the “FIRST FRC Calendar”.  Deadlines and events specific to Illinois (and Northwest Indiana) are listed on the “FIRST Illinois Robotics FRC Calendar.”