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The FLL program in  Illinois is predominantly run by volunteers.  Volunteers are needed at all levels of the organization to deliver the program throughout the state.   All of these events are only possible due to the many wonderful people who step up to volunteer. We hope that you will join us in making this a great season for the thousands of Illinois students that participate in the FIRST LEGO League program!

Event Volunteers:

Volunteer opportunities are available for the FIRST® LEGO® League Illinois Championship Tournaments:

Elgin Tournaments Flyer 

Champagin Tournament Flyer  

2019 Instructions to sign up to Volunteer at an Illinois FIRST LEGO League tournament

All - please consider volunteering.   Even if your team is competing at one tournament, you can volunteer at one of the other tournaments.  Generally our volunteer roles are not appropriate for FLL team members, although some of the older kids may be good as table re-setters OR to help parents/coaches monitor practice tables.

Coaches - Please forward this information to the parents of your team members to make them aware of the volunteer roles.

Judging questions can be forwarded to the Illinois head judge, Kyle Blais, at

Refereeing questions can be forwarded to the Illinois Head Referee, Dee Karabowicz, at

Volunteering at a Championship Tournament contact:

To volunteer in Elgin please contact us at
To volunteer in Champaign/Urbana contact us at

Leadership Committee Volunteers:

The FLL Illinois leadership committee is comprised mostly of volunteers who meet at various intervals throughout the year.  If you have a particular talent in one of the following areas and you would like to part of the Leadership Committee, please send an email to us at  The leadership committee is comprised of the following roles:

  • Operations Manager
  • Head Judge Advisor
  • Head Referee
  • Qualifying Tournament Coordinator
  • State Tournament Coordinator
  • State tournament Facilities Manager
  • Fundraising coordinator
  • Grant writer
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Volunteer food coordinator
  • Programs and Marketing materials 
  • Administration
  • Ambassador Awards Coordinator



ROLE  DESCRIPTION  # of slots  Reports to  Shift/Time Requirements 

 Technical Judge,

Project Judge or

Core Values Judge

Technical judges  should have a background in engineering, computer science or have been a FLL coach.  Project and Core Values judges do not require a technical background.Judges must be at least 18 years of age.


60  Head Judge Advisor

All judges must be certified by completing an on-line training session.  All judges must be available  all day Saturday from 7:30AM to 6PM. For more information about the judging roles for the Northern tournament please contact Doug Weaver at

 Judge Assistants  Control traffic flow in and out of judging rooms  4  Head Judge Advisor  All day 
 Technical Judge Assistant

 Floater to assist with any technical difficulties with judging materials;  asssembling projectors for technical, project and Core Values deliberations

 1  Head Judge Advisor  All day 
 Call-Back Monitor

 Coordinate incoming and outgoing teams for technical and project call backs

 2  Head Judge Advisor  All day 

Responsible for computing the table score for the robot performance event. Must be at least 18 years of age

 12  Head referee

All referees must attend a training session in person before the tournament. Referees for the championship tournaments must practice at a qualifier.  All referees must be available from 8AM to 5PM on tournament day.

 Table re-set

 Responsible for re-setting the table components between table runs and ensuring teams do not remove table elements from competition tables.

 12  Head referee

 Table re-setters will be trained on the morning of the tournament and must be available from 8AM to 5PM on tournament day


 On hand to calculate the table score manually if necessary; calulcate votes for Team Spirit Award

 1  Head referee  All day 
 Clock Operator  Operate clock for table runs  1

 State Tournament



 10Am to 5PM

 Announcer  Announce teams coming and going at tables  2  

State Tournament


 10Am to 5PM
 Practice Table Manager  Responsible for the operation of the practice table area  2  

State Tournament


 8AM to Noon shift

 Noon to 4PM shift

 Practice Table Monitors

 Monitors the use of the practice tables diring the event to ensure all teams have equal access


 Practice Table


 8 AM to Noon shift

Noon to 4PM shift

 Queuing Manager  Responsible for managing all aspects of the queuing area  1  State Tournament coordinator  All day 

 Responsible for getting teams into the table performance area on a timely basis, escorting teams out of table performance area and guiding teams into on-deck areas.

 5  Queuing Manager  All day 

 Volunteer Food 


 Responsible for determining food requirements for volunteers, purchasing food, hiring catereres, set up at event, removal of food upon completion of tournament


 State Tournament


 Friday 3PM to 8PM

Saturday & Sunday 7AM to 3PM

Various times during week before tournament

 Volunteer Food 


 Assist Volunteer Food Coordinator with bringing food and drinks into facility, organizing and filling coolers, etc


 Volunteer Food 


 Friday 3PM to 8PM

Saturday & Sunday 7AM to 3PM

Team check-in 


 Greet teams as they arrive; provide packets to coaches; answer questions, collect consent forms

 2  State Tournament


 7:30AM to 10AM
 T-shirt sales

 Sell t-shirts; collect Team Spirit voting forms; collect forms for special activities; sell FSKs; take on responsibilities of informaiton desk after 10AM

 3 State Tournament


 10AM to 4PM
 Technical Judging team check in and coordination Saturday Morning Queue teams for technical judging area.  Coordinate the smooth flow of teams in and out of the technical judging area at their scheduled times.  3 State Tournament


 7:30AM to 10:15AM
 Table retrieval Assist with loading tables from storage unit on to truck and unloading at field house  6  State Tournament Facilities Manager  Friday 1PM to 3PM
 Field House Set Up  Assis with assembling tables, pits, signage, etc in Field House  12 State Tournament Facilities Manager  Friday 3PM to 10 PM
Field House Tear down  Assist with tearing down Field House tables, pits, etc  12  State Tournament Facilities Manager  Sunday 5PM to 9PM
 Table Return  Return tables to storage facility  6   State Tournament Facilities Manager  Sunday 5PM to 9PM
 Volunteer Badges  Make and distribute volunteer badges at tournament  2 State tournament coordinator


7AM to 10AM

 Volunteer Badge Coordintor  Obtain list of volunteeers from managers and prepare badges prior to tournament; train volunteers badge prepareer at state tournament  1  State tournament coordinator  various
 AV Manager  Responsible for assembling and dis-assembling all AV equipment at event;  ensuring AV equipment runs properly throughout event;  coordinates photo presentation for closing ceremony  1 State Tournament Facilities Manager

 Friday 3PM to competition

Sunday 5PM to completion

All day Saturday & Sunday

 AV Assistant  Assist AV Manager with assembling and dis-assembling AV equipment  4  AV Manager  

Friday 3PM to competion

Sunday 5PM to completion

Medallion distribution and team photos   Distribute medallions to teams between 3rd and 4th table runs; assist photographrs with team photos  4  State Tournament Coordinator   2PM to 4PM
 Demo Coordinator  Arrange for demos before tournament; assist with set up of demo areas for event  1  State Tournament Coordinator

10AM to 3PM

Various time before tournament

 Team Packet Preparation  Assist with preparation of materials for team packets  2  State Tournament Coordinator  various times in week before tournament
 Photographer  Team photos, candid photographs throughout event  2  State Tournament Coordinator


9AM to 5:30PM

 Children's LEGO Table  Surpervise the LEGO Table  2  State Tournament Coordinator

 10:30AM to 4PM