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FIRST Scholarships are offered exclusively to students that have participated on a FIRST team in high school. Students participating in either the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) OR the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) are eligible.

Many colleges, universities, professional associations, and corporations acknowledge that the FIRST experience is often the spark that lights the flame of life-long learning and that participating students are more likely to acquire a passion for learning and a drive to succeed. Scholarship providers have come to value the advantages that FIRST provides to students in the areas of advanced knowledge and understanding, technical skills, and self-confidence, coupled with life and work-related skill development, and offer college scholarships exclusively to these students. 

Currently, there are over 180 schools and organizations across the country offering over 1200 undergraduate scholarship opportunities, totaling over $20 million in scholarship funding available for current or former FIRST participants. The individual scholarships range in value from one-time awards starting at $500 to renewable awards for up to four years of full-tuition.  Scholarships are available to pay for school in a broad range of academic fields, with 60% for STEM majors and 40% for any chosen major. Use the links to the right to find out how you can finance your college education using free FIRST scholarships.

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