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FIRST is an organization that is powered by volunteers (both technical and non-technical) who bring a broad range of talents, expertise, and experience to the FTC program. Our volunteers include engineers, teachers, business professionals, university students, and parents, to name just a few, who coach and mentor teams of students, organize and support competitions and events, or manage much of the day to day details that make FIRST Tech Challenge possible. With over seventy FTC teams in Illinois, the Illinois League Meets and Tournaments, Illinois State Championship and several off-season events; there is ample opportunity for everyone to share the very skills that are used in their everyday lives and jobs and make a lasting impact on the students that they reach. As an FTC volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help inspire students and change their lives. You will have the ability to open a door for them that they may never have thought to open for themselves.

Whether you’d like to try volunteering at an event or becoming a Coach or Mentor, everyone can make a difference at Illinois FTC. FIRST FTC volunteers are women and men of every age and occupation. FIRST FTC volunteers are just like you!

The Related Links at the right side of this screen are set up to help you volunteer.  To volunteer at a competition, select "Sign up as an Event Volunteer Today".  Register and select an event (such as the Illinois FTC State Championship).  Then indicate what position you'd like to sign up for, and we will contact you to help.  To volunteer as a mentor, contact a team you know of or send us an email at  Then we will help connect you with a team.  For more information, check out the additional links listed.