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Marketing Resources

Below are some resources teams can use to promote FIRST in your community.


Current Marketing Materials

Program-Specific US FIRST Brochures & Flyers

Jr.FLL Brochures & Flyers FLL Brochures & Flyers FTC Brochures & Flyers FRC Brochures & Flyers


General US FIRST Flyers (Not on the US FIRST Website)

FIRST Impact   Why Pursue STEM Majors  Why Sponsor FIRST
 FIRST Impact Flyer  What Inspires Students to Pursue STEM Majors Flyer  Why Sponsor FIRST Flyer 


Customized US FIRST Brochures & Flyers

The documents below have been customized to include local contact information.

What is FIRST Brochure Scholarships Brochure Psychology of FIRST Experience Brochure
 What is FIRST? Brochure
 Scholarships Brochure  Psychology of FIRST Brochure


JrFLL How It Works  FLL How It Works   FTC How It Works  FRC How It Works
 JrFLL How It Works Flyer FLL How It Works Flyer   FTC How It Works Flyer  FRC How It Works Flyer
      FRC HowToStart
      FRC How To Start Flyer


Illinois FIRST Brochures & Flyers

The resources below have been created specifically for promoting FIRST programs in Illinois.

Jr.FLL Program Guide FLL Program Guide FTC Program Guide FRC Program Guide

Jr.FLL Program Guide (coming soon)

FLL Program Guide (coming soon)

FTC Program Guide (coming soon)

FRC Program Guide (coming soon)

*To print booklets, print every other page of the pdf and then print the remaining pages of the pdf on the reverse side.

 Overview of FIRST Programs  
 Overview of FIRST Programs Flyer  


Illinois FIRST Data Collection Forms

Information Request Card  Sign Up Sheet
 Information Request Card Sign Up Sheet 


Design Your Own Marketing Materials  

If producing your own marketing materials, please comply with FIRST Branding and Design Standards and the FIRST Intellectual Property/Trademark Policy.



For additional versions of these and other US FIRST logos and graphics, please visit the FIRST Brand webpage.

FIRST Horizontal Logo  FIRST Vertical Logo   FIRST Watermark  FIRST Icon
 FIRST Horizontal Logo FIRST Vertical Logo  FIRST Watermark  FIRST Icon 
 JrFLL logo  FLL logo  FTC logo  FRC logo

 Jr.FLL Logo


 FLL Logo  FTC Logo  FRC Logo

US FIRST Season Challenge Graphics and Photos

Graphics for the current Season Challenge can be found on the corresponding program's marketing webpage along with photos of teams and events.

JrFLL 2015 Challenge  FLL 2015 Challenge   FTC 2014 Challenge FRC 2015 Challenge
Jr.FLL Marketing Tools FLL Marketing Tools FTC Marketing Tools FRC Marketing Tools


Illinois FIRST Logos

A new version of the IL FIRST logo is coming soon.

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